Boating Show Employs Neon Holders to Display Signs

At C-Line, many employees use our products to keep documents organized in the office and protected in the factory. Many people even use some items for personal use in order to sort through things like tax documents or even provide study aids to their kids.

While it is expected to see our items at work, it can sometimes be exciting to see them in-use outside the office. Recently, a C-Line co-worker had the opportunity to see one of our top items while attending a locally held boating show.

Walking throughout the show, she noticed that each boat on display had information sheets to provide details and pricing. The display pockets that stored the sheets were used throughout the show. Everything from advertising flyers to boat manufacturers brochures were all organized into bright, neon display pockets.

C-Line's Neon Shop Ticket Holder, Green, StitchedHere is a close up of the green neon shop ticket holder from the boat show.

As my co-worker grabbed information, she noticed that the pockets were very similar to C-Line’s. After taking a closer look, she knew it was C-Line’s Neon Stitched Shop Ticket Holder.

The 9 x 12 pockets were secured to each boat by looping a metal chain through the eyelet and attaching it to a handle on the boat. The show organizers decided to use an assortment of the neon shop ticket holders.

Using the shop ticket holders for an event like this was a great idea for many reasons. The heavyweight vinyl allowed the letter-size signs and other brochures to remain intact so they can be used throughout the entire show.  The bright stitched edges allowed the flyers and hand-outs to stand out.

This C-Line sighting is a great example of how our products work in many different environments and situations. Although the shop ticket holders are often used in rough industrial settings, there is certainly opportunity to use the products in many other ways.

When was the last time you used C-Line’s Neon Stitched Shop Ticket Holder? Share with us why you used them below!

C-Line's Neon Shop Ticket Holder, Red, StitchedThe red neon color stands out at the show, making it easy to locate the information on this particular boat.

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