Business Card Holder Makes Information Accessible

Imagine just wrapping up an important meeting, providing potential clients with a hand-out of the material that was discussed and then tossing them a business card for them to contact you later. This is a standard professional encounter– the exchange of the business card. However, there is no guarantee that your card, which is loose and separate from your hand-out will ever resurface again.

Most likely you are not the only person to meet with this client, which means that they are being provided with pages of material from other companies. With all this information being gathered, it is not a surprise that a small, lone business card can get misplaced in the shuffle.

So how do you avoid losing business over a simple technical mistake? C-Line says attach the business card directly to your hand-out so it can never be lost!

C-Line's Self-Adhesive Business Card HoldersHere is a presentation binder with my side-loading business card attached so this customer has a direct C-Line contact!

Self-Adhesive Business Card Holders can be securely attached to almost any flat surface to make sure your card and contact information stays connected to the presentation you spent time on. Depending on what you are attaching it to, there is a choice to be made between the top-loading or side-loading design.

The beauty of the card holder is that it avoids the eye sore of using staples and paper clips to attach the business card. Simply peel the backing off and press down firmly on the holder to secure it to your proposal.

The super heavyweight material makes it a durable choice that will protect your card, while making it more accessible to potential customers.

The benefit of this product does not stop there. It can also be used as a tool for identifying or labeling things, such as storage containers, reference material and file boxes. Once the business card, or paper, can slide into a 2 x 3 1/2 holder than you can begin labeling.

Proposals and reports can instantly look more professional by using this C-Line product. What would you use the Self-Adhesive Business Card Holders for? Comment below and let us know!

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