Business Card Holder Works as Password Keeper

C-Line may be known best for their sheet protectors, but there are many other specialty holders that serve a unique purpose. The business card holders are one of C-Line’s specialty items that are designed specifically for storing contact information.

Since the holders are three-hole punched, it allows individuals to create their own contact binder with business associates and vendor information. Although this is the typical use of the product, one of our employees discovered a different, yet beneficial use of the Business Card Holders.

In today’s world, it seems like every program needs a password. Not only that, but each system has a different set of requirements that forces you to have multiple different passwords. Remembering what password works for each system is a problem for everyone and this C-Line employee looked to resolve this issue.

C-Line's Business Card Holder, Poly without TabsStore up to ten business cards on each side of the holder in order to fit a lot of information into one, central location.

She searched through our products in order to develop some system to store all of this password information. Surprisingly, the business card holder was the item she selected.

The employee opted to use old business cards to store her information in. She wrote down the program name, user name and password for each of the systems that she worked in on the back of each business card. Since the 3 ½ x 2 size pocket is able to store any standard size business card, using old ones worked perfect.

Each business card page can store up to twenty card holders. This allowed the employee to store all the password information within one holder. As passwords changed, then she would utilize another business card and switch it out with the old one.

Since the holder is three-hole punched, she stores it in a software binder that she maintains. The binder stores instruction manuals and training guides of the software she utilizes on a regular basis. Keeping the passwords in this binder allows her to access one binder to locate any type of information she needs to know.

Another benefit of storing passwords in the business card holder is that the employee’s coworkers know where they can access her log-in information in case she is unexpectedly out of the office. Having one central location to store this important information has been very helpful for her department.

So, this is another use of our Business Card Holder. What are your thoughts on this creative use of the product? Have you used this specialty holder recently? Share with us your thoughts below!

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