C-Line Celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day in its Own Way

This past Friday was Take Your Dog to Work Day, but at C-Line, that is every day! Every weekday, Sir Lancelot joins the rest of the C-Line team. He even takes the time to write his own blog, including his uses and suggestions for C-Line products.

Did you know that heavyweight sheet protectors are great for organizing agility rules? If you subscribed to Lancelot’s blog, you would.

He is also kind enough to let us know when he spots a C-Line product while out and about, like when he noticed the use of Cleer Adheer® laminating film during the McCormick Dog Show earlier this year.

Sir Lancelot

When not writing his blog about office products, Sir Lancelot lounges near his office. He has become one of the C-Line team.  He is shown here with his C-Line Name Tent.

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  1. Tommy Says:

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    Who let the dogs in!!

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