C-Line has free signs to remind people to wash their hands to prevent getting the flu

Fall is the time when the leaves change color, the clocks turn back one hour, apples are aplenty, but also when the flu is more prevalent. There are some precautions people can take to guard against the flu.

One of the easiest tips is keeping your hands clean. So to help you out, C-Line has created free downloadable signs that you can use to remind people to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

A recent article in The Chicago Tribune about unhealthy habits spoke about the importance of clean hands to help prevent colds and the flu. Studies showed that only about one-sixth of people wash their hands correctly, using water and soap and washing for at least 15 seconds. The remaining  83% either don’t use soap, don’t wash for the recommended 15 seconds or don’t even wash their hands at all after using the bathroom. For more information, read the newspaper article explaining the facts on hand washing.

Don’t have your customers, clients, students and employees fall into the group that doesn’t properly wash their hands. Free professional-looking signs are available to remind people to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

Help guard against the flu by washing your hands

The free sign reminds people that simply washing their hands is one easy way to help guard against the flu.

Hand sanitizer can help to protect you from the flu

Telling people to use hand sanitizer reminds them that clean hands are the start to a great defense against the flu.

Or, remind them to wash their hands in a fun and friendly way.

Tell kids to wash their hands this flu season
The cartoon-like sign is a great way to remind children about the importance of washing their hands.

And you know what would be the best to way to get the message out? Putting the sign into an antimicrobial protected display pocket for easy posting. These polypropylene pockets attach to walls, doors and more with removable peel & stick tape and are designed to hold 8 1/2 x 11 signs.

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