C-Line Introduces Industry’s First Electronic Report Cover

Traditionally, C-Line has been in the business of manufacturing plastic organizational items and storage products. As technology continues to evolve, we see more people communicating electronically than ever before.

But even with electronic documents people want presentations to look good.  With C-Line’s new Electronic Report Covers, users don’t have to give up the comfort of knowing that reports will maintain the professional look they have come to expect.

The new report covers instantly create a 3-D report. Similar to C-Line’s Vinyl Report Covers, the electronic version creates a sleek front and back cover with a matching binding bar, while working to store numerous pages together inside the cover.

How It Works
Purchase the software directly off the C-Line website or through your C-Line dealer. The instructions will help you load the program, so you can begin to create professional reports in no time. Once everything has downloaded, there will be a C-Line Report Cover box icon located directly on your desktop.

C-Line's Electronic Report CoversThe software is stored in a classic C-Line Report Cover box that sits directly on your desktop.

Once you double-click on the box, a screen will appear that shows your color options to choose from. Select between clear, green, blue, yellow, red or smoke covers. In addition, you can choose a binding bar color to match. When you select the type of cover to use, then it is time to “assemble” the report.

When the file is displayed, this allows the user to organize the pages, if necessary. Reorder or take out pages as you wish. Once the report is in order, simply slide on the electronic binding bar to secure and lock your report in place.

C-Line's Electronic Report CoversSimply drag and drop the PDF directly into the report cover to create your first electronic presentation.

Save the project as you would any other file. Now, it is time to view your work. Click on the front cover to begin a 3-D preview of the report. If you have purchased the upgraded version, then you will be able to hear sound effects of pages turning. It is a great addition that makes the experience of viewing an electronic report come to life.

As you can see, incorporating C-Line’s Electronic Report Cover into your preparation is a very short process that can have a positive impact on a customer or teacher viewing your documents. Everyone from college students to professionals can reap the benefits of this product.

C-Line plans to release this product in May 2013.

What are your thoughts on C-Line’s latest product? How will you use be using the Electronic Report Covers? Share with us your comments below.

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