Meeting Prep Includes Tent Cards, Project Folders & More

Last week, one of our sales managers had a big meeting with a customer. Since the client came to our corporate office, there was a lot of preparation to make sure that everything was organized for the meeting. The conference room had to be set-up, meeting notes printed, and the list goes on.

The sales employee looked at this meeting as an opportunity to showcase some of our products. I helped him prepare, and we tried to incorporate C-Line items when it was appropriate. The conference room looked so great when we were done that I thought I would share how we set everything up.

Here is a look at what products we used, and how we planned on employing them during the meeting.

C-Line's Peel and Stick Dry Erase PocketThis is a look at how we used all four products during the meeting. You will notice that the item numbers are located next to the product for you reference!
  • Deluxe Vinyl Project Folders with Colored Backs: With a total of five people attending the meeting, we were able to assign each attendee a different color project folder. Organizing by color made sure that no one left with the wrong folder. The vinyl material also provided additional protection of the letter-size hand-outs, which was especially important since the clients had to fly-in for the meeting. Since the front cover of all the folders is clear, it allowed us to display a professional cover page that created a nice first impression.
  • Small Name Tent Card and Holder: We had thought about using name badges, but since the meeting would be held in the conference room the whole time, we decided to go a different route. Creating name cards provided a personal touch to the meeting. We used the template on C-Line’s website to create customized name tent cards that included everyone’s name and job title. Once printed, the tent cards were placed in the small name tent holder, making it sturdier as it sat directly in front of each person at the meeting.
  • Cleer Adheer Quick Cover Laminating Pockets: The sales manager anticipated that this meeting would take up most of the day, so he made plans to order-in lunch. Once the place was selected, we thought it was best to provide the menu to our customers at the beginning of the day, so they have time to think about what they wanted. To make the menu more professional, we used the laminating pocket to add a nice touch. Even if our customers never noticed, it was still better than providing a simple print out. Laminating the menu only took a few seconds and it was worth it!
  • Peel & Stick Dry Erase Sheets: In our conference room, there is a computer and projection screen, which allows presentations to being displayed throughout the meeting. This particular room, however, does not have any board available to write down ideas or action items that are discussed. C-Line has a large dry erase sheet that has the ability to stick to any clean, flat surface and create an instant writing space. The 24 x 17 sheet was placed on an empty wall in the conference room, visible to all attendees.

Including these four products into our preparation for the sales meeting took very little time and was definitely worth it. The customers were impressed by the items, and they were able to see the value in the product without us having to talk about it.

Overall, the meeting was a success and our added detail went a long way. Have you used one of C-Line’s products to help you in a business meeting lately? If so, share with us below.

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