C-Line Puts Visitor Log to Use!

Around the office there are many products seen put to use. Everything from shop ticket holders to project folders are utilized in many employees’ daily tasks. Using the products at the office gives employees a first-hand look at the benefits certain items have.

One of C-Line’s newest items can be seen as soon as someone enters our building.

C-Line's Time's Up! Visitor Registry LogAdd an additional security feature to your office building with the self-expiring visitor badges.

Visitor Station

When you first step into our office building, this is what you see. In order to keep our building secure, we require all visitors to fill out the self-expiring badge and wear it at all times in the building. The Times Up!® Self-Expiring Visitor Badges with Registry Log keeps a record of all badges created, so that we can look back on past visitors.

After a 24-hour time span, the badge will show a red “VOID” on the right side. This allows employees to know if the visitor is using an old badge, making it easy to track and monitor who is coming in and out of the building.

The Large Name Tent Card, located at the top left part of the image, is used to greet visitors, while explaining our visitor badge procedure to them. In order to create the customized name badge, I used the templates available on C-Line’s website to act as a guide. Once customized, I simply printed the document on the card stock paper. Since it was scored, the page was easy to fold and place directly into the holder.

So, this is how we at C-Line use the visitor book and tent cards to manage guests that come into the building. Do you use these products in your workplace or at home? If so, share with us how you use it below!


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