C-Line School Supplies Reach Zambia

Thanksgiving is here! And, with it comes a shorter work week, delicious food and a shopping frenzy.  Before getting caught up in all the holiday hype, here is a story that seems fitting to share at this particular time of year.

Recently, C-Line’s CEO Jim Krumwiede and his wife Judi spent time touring Zambia, a country located in Africa. During their travels, they met Charles, a knowledgeable guide that provided them with unique insight into life in Zambia.

C-Line Donates School Supplies

Here is Charles from Zambia with his C-Line School Supplies!

Charles told the Krumwiedes about his family. He spoke of his wife, who was a teacher at a local village, and his children.  When Charles described the village his wife works at, among other stories he told, he discussed how little the students had in terms of educational tools.

Upon returning from their trip, the Krumwiedes sent a package of C-Line Products’ school supplies. The package included two-pocket portfolios, pencil cases, dry erase pockets and more. The hope was that these children would have an opportunity to use valuable items to help in their studies.

Jim and Judi recently received a letter from Charles. He confirmed that he had received the package and expressed how delighted his family was. In his letter, he thanked the Krumwiedes for providing the supplies as they had promised.

A feel good story to start off your celebrations, and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from everyone at C-Line!

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