C-Line Sighting: Store Maps Store in Holder

It is always great when I’m out and happen to notice a C-Line product being used. Noticing how different individuals and companies use our products is always great to see first-hand.

While on vacation recently, I went to the grocery store to pick-up a few items that we were short on. Since the store was not familiar to me, I asked an employee for help locating a particular item. They immediately led me over to the end of an aisle and grabbed a store map for me so I could acquaint myself with the layout of the store.

C-Line's Stitched Shop Ticket HolderThis image shows how the shop ticket holder attaches to the aisle in the store.

As the employee grabbed the map, I immediately noticed that the grocery store had used a shop ticket holder to hold all the store maps. It looked exactly like C-Line’s and after examining it more, I knew it was our stitched, letter size holder.

The store had used stick-on letters to label the holder “Store Maps” so that the shoppers could take advantage of this nice benefit. The maps were well protected by the super heavyweight vinyl of the holder. The customers were able to view the contents of the holder from both sides, since the vinyl material was clear.

In order to attach the shop ticket holder to the aisle, the employees had used the metal eyelet, located on the top of the holder. By wrapping a black zip-tie through the eyelet and around an opening the shelves, the store maps were able to be properly displayed.

While I continued shopping, I noticed that the maps were located throughout the store and C-Line’s black ticket holders were used in multiple locations.

Are you currently using a C-Line product in a unique way? Whether at home or at the office, we would love for you to share with us below!

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