C-Line Turns 60

C-Line Celebrates 60 Years, 1949 - 2009

When milestones occur, it tends to make people become reflective on the past. This year, C-Line is celebrating its 60th birthday and I guess it makes me reflect on all the innovations the company has produced.

It still boggles my mind to think that the ever-popular, iconic “Hello My Name Is” badge started with C-Line in 1959.  Can you imagine the world today without it? Ok, so maybe you can, but how many seminars, meetings, conventions, etc.  have you been to where you’ve filled out this badge and stuck it to your shirt.  It has made event planning a little easier over the years.

Also, C-Line was the first to introduce  the polypropylene top loading sheet protector to the office products industry. The material and paper loading orientation is now the industry standard. Would sheet protectors be as commonplace today if they were still made out of Mylar® or required all papers to be three-hole punched prior to use? I didn’t think so either.

And as the years have gone on, the company has continued their enhancements to the sheet protector with the introduction of the industry’s first antimicrobial protected sheet protector (2004) and biodegradable sheet protector (2008).

New for the 60th year, C-Line has made their 2009 catalog available electronically through the company website, in addition to continuing to offer a traditional printed catalog. This marks the first-time C-Line has made their entire catalog readily available to website users. You can easily browse and search the entire catalog, as well as print or email pages as needed. I’ll blog more about that later!

Happy 60th Birthday C-Line!

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  1. Arlene Murray Says:

    Hello: I worked at C-Line for twenty three years and retired twelve years ago when we moved. I was always proud to say that I worked for C-Line as the products they made were quality products that were good looking, durable and were always inspected to make sure they were better than anyone elses. The Company was always thinking of it’s employees and ways to do things better and easier, providing the employees with opportunities to suggest new ideas and then rewarding them. C-Line cared for it’s “family” of workers and it was a pleasure working there.

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