Can’t remember everyone’s name at the party? Name badges to the rescue!

Over the long holiday weekend, my husband and I went to many gatherings, some with people we see weekly and some with people we only see once a year. I am usually good remembering names, but when you are introduced to ten or so new people in the span of twenty minutes, all while you are trying to hang up your coat, take off your snow boats, and settle in to the party, it can be tough. Hello My Name Is badge

It made me think that next time, we need name badges! It does not matter if they are elaborate tags set in plastic name badge holders or as simple as a self-branded “hello my name is” badge.

Think about how easy it would be to chat with that distant third cousin if you just knew his name. Or your friend’s sister who just had a baby? You remember details about the person that would make for interesting conversation, but you cannot quite think of a “smooth” way to ask them their name, again.

As a host, you go the easy route and set out colorful “hello my name is” badges, with an array of markers for guests to fill-in themselves.  You’d be surprised by the creativity (both with markers and with words) of some people.

Or, take the festive and fancy path, and create custom name badge inserts to go in the name badge holder. You can customize each badge with a special image, icon, or photo for all your guests. To create custom inserts, just download the template file you need from the template galleryEasy download instructions are also available. If you are using Microsoft Word 2007, you also find preloaded templates in your program through the label creating function (Mailings > Labels).

If you are having a big soiree for New Year’s Eve, try out some name badges, or ask your host to, and let me know if it makes mingling less nerve-racking, and more enjoyable.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Paul Says:

    C-Line name badges have built-in templates for Corel Wordperfect as well as Microsoft Word.

  2. Wet Wipes Says:

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  3. Juan M. Says:

    Thanks for writing this great blog I really enjoyed.

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