Cataloging System Created with Self-Adhesive Photo Holders

Recently, a C-Line customer sent me a note explaining how she creatively used some of our products at her office. Her company, like many others, likes to store old product information, catalogs and sales booklets in order to have something to refer to. All of this reference information was kept in one room that the whole company had access to.

The customer would search for the catalog she needed, and often it would be missing. She assumed someone else had taken it, but after several repeat occurrences, she decided to create a new system to track who was using the materials.

To create this check-out system, the customer combined the use of the Peel & Stick Photo Holders and the 4 x 6 Index Card Case.

The customer decided to create a system similar to that of a library. The most valuable part was that the new set-up was quick for employees to use, so there was no excuse for ignoring the new procedure.

C-Line's Peel & Stick Photo HoldersThe Self-Adhesive Holder is storing the sign-out card on the left page.

Here is how she used the items for the check-out system!

  1. Peel & Stick Holders are placed on the inside front cover of all the catalogs. The self-adhesive backing allows it to attach to the page very easily.
  2. Create a 4×6 insert that looks similar to a library card. This will be used as the sign-out card, which will be placed directly in the holder.
  3. When someone checks-out a catalog, they must fill out the sign-out card and place it in the Index Card Case. Be sure to include when you anticipate being done with the catalog on the sign-out card.
  4. The Index Card Case includes five poly dividers, which will be used to alphabetically divider the sign-out cards. This will make it easy to locate a card if someone has check-out a catalog beginning with an A, for example.
  5. Once the employee wants to return a catalog, they have to grab the card and make a note of the date that it was returned. When this is complete, the sign-out card can be placed in the self-adhesive holder before putting the catalog back.

And that is all there is to it! Implementing this simple cataloging system is much more feasible then other ideas that were discussed. Once the Peel & Stick Holders are in place and the cards are created, the system basically will run on its own.

It did not take long for this sign-out procedure to catch on at the customer’s company. Who knew such a small change could be that beneficial?

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