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Project Folders Keep Photos Organized Prior to Scrapbooking

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

To start, I must first admit that I am a fan of scrapbooking. Not only do I find it to be somewhat of a relaxing activity, but I enjoy the creativity aspect of it and the final outcome is usually something to be proud of.

That being said, scrapbooking is a hobby I would love to do more often, but time constraints reduce the amount of time I can spend on it. That does not mean I have given up though! I still regularly print out photos throughout the year and often separate the ones for the scrapbook from those more ordinary pictures, which will go into regular albums.


Save Old Mementos with Antimicrobial Protected Sheet Protectors

Friday, October 7th, 2011

As usual, I went to visit my family for Sunday dinner last weekend. Knowing that my parents had been doing some fall cleaning, I was interested to see if they found anything of interest to me. Sure enough, I received two big boxes of items that they had kept over the years. I discovered my school report cards, certificates and awards dating back to Kindergarten.

Although my mom was happy to give the boxes away, I was clueless about what to do with everything. Since the boxes had been saved for so long, I didn’t want to throw it all away. Storage is limited in my townhome, so I had to figure out another alternative.

I discussed my dilemma at work on Monday, and someone suggested using C-Line’s Sheet Protectors and 3-Ring Binders to organize everything.


Antimicrobial protected products provide an added level of cleanliness for your office products

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Today, Americans are spending more and more time at their desks in school, work or home offices. Dirty desktops can create the ideal conditions for damaging microbes to grow and reproduce. In a recent study, researchers found that the average desk had 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. With that in mind, now think about the following:

Use Products With Antimicrobial Protection

Products featuring antimicrobial technology provides an added level of cleanliness for your office and school products by inhibiting the uncontrolled growth of microbes, such as bacteria that can cause odors and product deterioration.

C-Line has free signs to remind people to wash their hands to prevent getting the flu

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Fall is the time when the leaves change color, the clocks turn back one hour, apples are aplenty, but also when the flu is more prevalent. There are some precautions people can take to guard against the flu.

One of the easiest tips is keeping your hands clean. So to help you out, C-Line has created free downloadable signs that you can use to remind people to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

Industrial products available at C-Line

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

You may know that C-Line manufacturers office products, but did you know that many of the current products can be used in an industrial setting as well? Many of our products are made from heavyweight, durable polypropylene and vinyl meaning they will hold up in the toughest environment.

Antimicrobial protection from Microban & C-Line

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Just how clean is your office? Do you regularly wipe down your desk, mouse, telephone? Use products specially formulated to help prevent the growth of stain causing bacteria? If not, can you imagine all the germs and bacteria crawling around on your desk right now?  It is no wonder that studies have shown that the desktop is the germiest place in the office. I never gave the cleanliness of my desk much thought either, until I saw this video from Microban antimicrobial product protection that explains the benefits of products that use Microban protection, like antimicrobial protected sheet protectors. Did you see in the video how quickly bacteria can multiply? Yuck! But the video also shows how Microban protection helps to prevent the growth of stain causing bacteria, yeasts, molds, and fungi for the life of the product? Go Microban! (more…)

C-Line Turns 60

Monday, January 19th, 2009

C-Line Celebrates 60 Years, 1949 - 2009

When milestones occur, it tends to make people become reflective on the past. This year, C-Line is celebrating its 60th birthday and I guess it makes me reflect on all the innovations the company has produced.