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6 Questions and Answers About C-Line Products

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

Q: Looking for durable folders for middle schoolers to bring papers back and forth daily. Will they last the year? How many pages does it hold?
Product: Two-Pocket Heavyweight Poly Portfolio Folder (33950)

Poly Folder, CLI33950
Classroom Connectorâ„¢, CLI32000

A: Product life depends on many factors including use, handling, etc. Item 33950 holds 100 sheets of paper and is made from heavyweight polypropylene to resist tearing. As an alternative, you might want to consider C-Line Classroom Connectorâ„¢, School-to-Home Folders, 32000, which hold 50 sheets of paper and are imprinted with “Home” and “School” designations. These are also made of polypropylene and are designed to keep parents and caregivers informed with daily updates on lessons, projects, behavior and more.


Transparency Film Useful Supply for Handcrafted Greeting Cards

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

At C-Line, we are fortunate to have many employees that are creative and crafty by nature. Many individuals like to incorporate C-Line items into their projects whenever they can find a use for them.

Recently, a co-worker approached me about a unique way she utilized the Laser Printer Transparency Film will handcrafting her own greeting cards. Before I even describe how it was used, it is probably best to take a look first.