CD holder keeps presentations professional

Lately, I have had to compile a lot of presentations for various projects – training, meetings and more. Sometimes, I need to include an electronic version of the presentation or supplemental information on a CD, along with the printed copy. To protect the CD and keep it with the presentation book or binder, I always use self-adhesive cd holders.

The polypropylene holder is a professional and economical way to present electronic data with printed materials. In addition to helping keep the electronic and printed information together, it also reduces the bulk that can come from plastic CD jewel cases.

Because the backing is entirely self-adhesive, you can attach the holder virtually anywhere – to the inside cover of a presentation book, report cover or binder, like shown below.

self adhesive cd holder in a binder

Here is a picture of a training binder, where a CD containing our image library has also been included. It conveniently keeps the electronic data with the printed materials.

Not only does the holder ensure that the CD will stay close to the printed report, but it also helps to protect it from damaging scratches, scuffs and dust. It also features a uniquely designed cut-out center, to make it easier to slip the CD in and out of the holder.

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