CD/DVD Case Keeps Discs Protected and Secure

While searching the back seat of my mother’s car after my phone fell out of my pocket, I stumbled across a very familiar looking product. After close examination, sure enough, it was a C-Line Refillable CD/DVD Organizer Case.

The holder was stylish and had a zipper which helps to provide protection and security for the discs inside. It conveniently stored all of her CDs and had room for even more, as the case comes with 12 pages capable of holding up to as many as 48 CDs.

Refillable CD/DVD Organizer Case

Each pocket is clear, making it easy to identify CDs.

After finding my phone, I returned inside the house to tell her what I found. She told me she loves the fact that additional pages are sold separately should she need more storage for her discs. Each of the refill pages are compatible with any standard three ring binder which allows for versatility if a larger size binder is required. The two-sided, non-woven material even cleans the CDs every time they are placed back in one of the holders.

C-Line’s Refillable CD/DVD Organizer Case is great for storing and organizing discs in the car or at work, home or anywhere else. What kind of discs will you store in the organizer case? Let us know in the comments below!


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