Classic Office Product Proves Valuable at Trade Show

Typically, we try to send our Sales staff to trade shows with a binder full of material related to specific products C-Line is showing, pricing information and order forms. In the past, we have used a variety of our products to keep the binder organized in addition to easily demonstrating the products, while they are actually being used.

This year of trade shows have been no different, except that we have added an additional feature to the trade show binders.

Although it has become common practice to share information digitally, people still have occasions were face-to-face communication occurs, and that is especially true at trade shows. This is often an event were business cards are exchanged between colleagues so that follow-up communication can occur after the show.

Previously, the sales team would keep a stack of all business cards and organize them in their own way after the show. In order to keep this information stored with the show material, we have been including Business Card Holders into the trade show binders so the sales team can continue organizing the cards throughout the show.

C-Line offers an option with and without tabs, so we use the sheet with tabs to start off the business card section of the binder and that is followed by the ones without tabs. This format allows for the cards to be referenced just as easily as the other information throughout the binder.

The card holders are made of durable, heavyweight polypropylene that provides a protected storage location for the business cards. The reinforced edge secures the holder into the binder in order to avoid losing a page.

Since each page holds 20 cards, the sales team has the ability to store many cards throughout the show, which eliminates the potential for them to lose the contact information. After using these for one show, our sales team appeared very pleased with our trade show binder additions.

This is another example that although technology may be evolving, there are still occasions where traditional office products are valuable in the workplace. What classic office product do you regularly use? Share with us below!

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