Cleer Adheer is useful even on vacation

Previously, I told you that I like to use some C-Line products outside of the office. You already know that I cannot travel without polyzip bags and I planned my destination wedding using the expanding file with handles, but I found a new use for an old item – Cleer Adheer.

Not too long ago, I received these photos from a friend who took a cruise vacation over the summer. The cruise line gave them paper tags to put on all their luggage. The tags were pre-printed with their cabin information, to ensure the bags made it from the pier to the correct stateroom.

Since they also were flying to the port from Chicago, they figured they would not be able to get from the airport to the cruise terminal, put the tags on, and board with enough time. Plus, this was a vacation and who wants to be rushing on a vacation, right?!? Not liking the fact that these paper tags had to be secured to their luggage with merely tape or staples and survive the airline baggage handlers and cruise terminal porters, she thought of something else. Her and her husband decided to laminate the paper with the plastic laminating sheets, to make it stronger, then staple the ends together, to secure to the bags.

Protect paper luggage tags with laminating film
The laminating film protected the paper bag tags
the cruise line gave them from ripping.

In addition to using the laminating film to secure their stateroom tags, you’ll notice the luggage tags in the bottom left corner of the picture below.  That is none other than a Cleer Adheer luggage tag. See the bright red piece of paper in the holder? They use that to quickly identify their luggage at the cruise terminal or airport. It is the equivalent to a brightly colored strap or ribbon some travelers wrap around their suitcases to easily distinguish them from the others.

Custom luggage tags are easy Cleer Adheer
In addition to securing their cruise tags, my friend used the luggage tag to create a custom bag tag that was easily identifiable.

Do you use this handy plastic film in a way other than laminating papers? Comment below!

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