Cleer Adheer – Not Just Another Laminating Film

By now, I’m sure you’ve discovered the benefits of Cleer Adheer® and laminating without a machine. But did you know that Cleer Adheer has other uses?  Like Poly Zip Bags being the best C-Line product for travel, Cleer Adheer is great for household use.

Did you know that Cleer Adheer can double as a lint roller?  That’s right, instead of using a lint remover to get rid of unsightly lint from your clothing and furniture, use a sheet of Cleer Adheer. I keep a pack of the 8 ½” x 11″ size laminating sheets in my home’s linen closet and use whenever one of my dark colored sweaters need a little sprucing up. In my car is a pack of mini 4″ x 5″ sheets, for use when meeting with a client or customer.

One more use for Cleer Adheer – parking stickers. I know you are probably asking yourself “What?!?”  Maybe your town requires you to display a municipal sticker on your vehicle to show residency.  Every year, you need to purchase a new one to display, but they are not easy to remove. So, I place a smaller piece of Cleer Adheer on the sticky side of the sticker, leaving a ¼” border around the entire edge. I then adhere the  sticker to the window. When the next year rolls around and it is time to replace the sticker, I simply remove and discard. No glass cleaner, rags or razor blades necessary! This also works great if you live in a condo, townhouse, or any other area where the homeowner’s association requires all residents to place association stickers on their vehicles.

So Cleer Adheer is not only space-saving and economical, as it keeps you from having to store big, expensive laminating equipment, but also has added value when used throughout the household.

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