Clip Badge Holder Perfect Size for Time’s Up! Badge

If you are one of our regular blog readers, then you are already aware of C-Line’s Time’s Up! Self-Expiring Visitor Badges. This particular line of badges is an easy-to-use option that has the ability to increase security measures taken in schools and corporate buildings.

The 24-hour expiring badge will display a “Void” indicator that can easily be identified. The indicator aims to signify that the badge is not valid, and suggests that the visitor is no longer permitted in the building or that they must obtain a new badge for continued authorized access.

Due to the self-adhesive nature of the badges, it is recommended that they not be applied to vinyl, leather, suede, corduroy or silk. This may become an issue when using the badges if someone visiting your facility has on conflicting attire.

C-Line's Clip Style Badge Holders

The Time’s Up Visitor Badge fits perfectly in the small Clip Style Badge Holder!

To solve that problem, among many of C-Line’s badge holders, the Clip Style Badge Holder eliminates the potential for clothing damage, since it has no pins or adhesive. Simply slide the Time’s Up! Self-Expiring Badge into that badge holder and the visitor is ready to go!

Although there are two different sizes, the 3 ½ x 2 ¼ works best with the name badge size. The versatile swivel clip makes placing it on clothing or attaching it to a front pocket much easier. Additionally, the clip is permanently secured to the plastic holder.

The visitor name badge is secured in the top loading holder since it is closed on three sides. Although the Time’s Up! badge cannot be reused, the holder can be. Also, laser/inkjet inserts that come with the name badge holder can be printed on in order to customize name badges for a different event.

By combining the Clip Style Badge Holder with the Time’s Up! 24-hour Expiring Badge, it instantly looks more professional and official in appearance.

How do you use the Clip Badge Holder at home or at the office? Comment below and let us know!

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