Clip ‘N Go Report Cover Leaves Lasting Impression

To C-Line’s Loyal Blog Readers,

As the most recent addition to the C-Line staff, I would first like to start by saying hello! From one fellow office supply enthusiast to another, I look forward to sharing thoughts on C-Line’s products, and hope that you will disclose some of your personal insight with me.

That being said let me share a story of my first day at C-Line.

Ever since I can remember, organization has always been somewhat of a priority for me, so any product that helps me accomplish this is amazing in my book. Imagine my excitement knowing that I would be coming to work for C-Line, an office supply company!

Clip `N Go Report Cover

Look at my training information in a
colorful Clip ‘N Go Report Cover!

Once I got to work, I was handed my training schedule. The agenda, among other information, was all held neatly in a report cover.

They say first impressions are lasting. Well, as I sat in my desk looking through the information, I was impressed by the product, which I would later find out was C-Line’s Clip ‘N Go Report Cover.

Its two-tone color was professional looking, and the texture made it feel durable. The report cover’s swing clip made it easy to take out pages as needed without having to reorganize everything.

As my orientation continued, the schedule was tweaked and I had to refer to my agenda quite often. I didn’t have to shuffle through papers to find it. Since it was the first page, the report cover’s translucent, frosted clear front made it easy for me to quickly glance at it and know what was up next.

The swing clip also made it easy for me to add new papers as I received documents during the course of my orientation. Since the Clip ‘N Go Report Cover can hold up to 30 pages, it could store all my training information in one place, so I could access it in the future. Not to mention, it kept me organized, which I loved!

After using the report cover throughout my first week at C-Line, I saw first-hand how valuable this item could be. Whether it’s being used to organize job training, business travel itineraries or proposals, the Clip ‘N Go Report Cover is a useful tool to have around the office.

Is this product something that you could see working for your office? Comment below, and let us know!

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  1. Randy Says:

    As a follower and reseller of your products, I just wanted to say, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK


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