Clip ‘N Go report covers present your project in style

Clip 'N Go Report Cover
Clip ‘N Go Report Covers were a great use for this report, as the color helped to call attention to the significance of the information contained inside.

The other day, I needed to put together an impromptu status report on projects and events for C-Line’s 60th anniversary, which is Monday, June 1st! It was not a long report, just an overview of events we have done around the office – expenses, task completion dates, marketing plans through the end of the year, etc. And although the request was for quick overview, I still wanted it to look stylish for everyone. After all, this is a big event for the company, especially given the current economic climate. So, I looked no further that the Clip ‘n Go Report Cover.

So why did I choose this item, out of all of the organizational products in the line?

  • Color – The bright color assortment was a great way to grab everyone’s interest in the report. Usually, reports are put together with a staple to save time and office supplies, and special attention is never paid to those documents. Not this time around.
  • Capacity – The 30-page capacity of the report forced me to keep it brief. I don’t know you could tell from the posts, but I can be wordy at times, especially when writing about something fun.
  • Longevity – The covers are made of heavy duty polypropylene, so the company would always have this for their records, making great reference material for future anniversaries. And for all the sentimental people in the office, they could save it and always be reminded for the 60th.

Looking back on it, I’m glad I went with this selection, versus a simple staple.

Next up for the Clip ‘N Go Report Cover…. a cookbook for my sister of all dog treat recipes!

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  1. Jean Andersen Says:

    I love the Clip ‘N Go too. Happy Anniversary to C-Line!!

    Can I get a copy of the dog treats recipe book????

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