Clip name badge as a food tag at your BBQ?!?
Oh yes, you can!

A party planning tip just in time for the outdoor BBQ and party season – use clip name badges as identification cards for the delicious feast of food.  While paper tent cards are good, they can easily blow away in windy conditions or get destroyed if guests are a bit messy while building their plates.

The durable plastic holders feature a swivel clip, making it easy to attach them to chip bowls, condiment containers, main course platters, drink pitchers and sweet trays.  As the event host, this will eliminate a lot of the questions that arise when guests aren’t sure of what a certain dip, dish or dessert is.  Also, it can help identify potential problematic ingredients for guests with food allergies.

Remember to make the tags fun and interesting with the addition of bold, bright fonts and entertaining clip art pictures to the badge inserts.  You can quickly make the tags by downloading the name badge insert printer template from the C-Line Template Gallery.

When the party is over, clean up is easy – remove and recycle the paper insert, wipe off the plastic holder (if needed) and store it for the next BBQ or outdoor party.

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Oh yes, you can!”

  1. sara Says:

    LOVE the idea of using the clip name badge as a food tag!
    Thanks for the great idea!

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