Clip name badge holder still the first choice
in badges

Year after year, the clip name badge holder continues to be the most popular plastic badge holder. Why? Because it is our most versatile badge option.

clip name badge holder

The clip name badge holder offers much in the way of versatility, customization and affordability that it continues to be the number one option in badge holders.

Fuss-free Use

Attendees at your event don’t need to mess with a pin, which can be difficult to use and mar their clothing. This style allows them to simply clip the badge to their shirt or jacket and be on their way to the next meeting, discussion panel or speaker.

Multiple Attaching Options

The clip swivels around 360°, to make it easy to attach to a shirt, blouse, vest, pocket, sweater or jacket. However, the clip can also be used with a neck lanyard, with the badge still prominently displayed for all others to see.

Simple to Customize

Printer templates are available in our website’s Template Gallery and preloaded in Microsoft Word. These easy-to-use templates allow the ability to customize the inserts with attendee names, titles, logos, conference name and more.

Reusable for the Next Event

The plastic holders are durable enough to withstand the rigors of events, such as being bent in a pocket or doused with soda during lunch. After the meeting or conference, just ask attendees to return their badges on their way out. Throw away the insert and the holder will be ready for your next event.

Next time you have an event that calls for name tags, make it easy and try out the clip style badge. The plastic holder provides convenience, affordability, and customization.

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