Clip Name Badge Holder: The Most Popular Badge Holder

The clip name badge holder is the most popular of all badge holders. Why? Because it allows you to get the most use out of one holder. What do I mean by this?

The clip badge holder is an extremely flexible option for use at events. It can be easily attached to a shirt, jacket, sweater, just about anywhere without marring your clothing.

Clip name badge holder with lanyard
Use the swivel  clip to attach the holder to a lanyard and increase the badge’s versatility and wear-ability.

Also, the swivel clip can be swung around and the badge attached to a neck lanyard. When using this option, the badge is still prominently displayed, so others at the event can read the name tag.  If you were to use a lanyard with a pin badge, you wouldn’t get the same result. The weight and position of the pin would tilt the tag forward, making it difficult for others to read.

The extremely durable plastic holder is reusable over and over again. Just ask attendees to turn in their badges at the end of the event, discard the insert and use the holder again next time. And here’s a tip, have an extra person at the table or booth with you to remove the inserts as the badges are returned. This will save you one extra step later on.

Don’t forget that for this badge, as with all other C-Line badge holders, there are free Word templates available to easily customize your name tags. Just download the template file that corresponds with the item you have and begin to customize the inserts.

This badge holder offers you the affordability of reuse and ease in customization, while your guests get the convenience of multiple attachment options.

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