Clipboard Folder Organizes Various Project & Meeting Notes

Recently, the Marketing Department at C-Line has been working on numerous projects that require everyone to meet regularly to update the rest of the department on the progress being made. These smaller meetings are in addition to the department’s general monthly meeting. All and all, it is a lot of meetings and information being shared, which can sometimes be difficult to keep everything straight.

In order to prevent myself from mixing up or even losing information from a meeting, I have begun using C-Line’s Clipboard Folder to keep all project information and notes sorted and organized.

C-Line's Clipboard FolderTake a look at my trade show clipboard. The letter size notebook is perfect for note taking!

Personally, taking notes is the easiest way for me to retain information. In the past, I have used one notebook to write down all my meeting notes. The problem I ran into was that the information all seemed to run together, making it difficult to decipher what information pertained to what project.

In order to avoid information from being jumbled together, I have begun using a clipboard folder per project that I am working on. I typically use the clipboard to hold a letter size notebook. This makes it easy to store notes on a particular project directly within this folder.

Additionally, the durable plastic folder has a clear pocket on the inside. This allows for me to store smaller notepads, meeting handouts or minutes from the previous meeting. Although the pocket doesn’t have as much capacity as the clip can hold, it still becomes beneficial for random documents that may be acquired.

The clipboard folder has a pen loop that provides convenient storage ensuring the pen will stay put.  Since the clipboard is enclosed in the folder, it provides privacy for any materials that may be stored within the folder. This may become especially useful if traveling with the clipboard to a customer, for example, and not all information or notes should be seen.

What are your thoughts on how I organize my meeting notes? Will this method be helpful for you or do you have any other helpful tricks? Share with us your thoughts below!

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