Clipboard Folder Stores and Displays New Recipes

When it comes to cooking, I often get bored of making the same meals over and over again. In order to add some new flavor, I resort to searching through several online websites to help spice things up in the kitchen. It is important to have several new recipes on hand, so I typically look every week and print out the ones that look good.

I try not to confuse the new meals that still need to be tested and the ones that have been cooked before.  In the kitchen, there is a large binder that is used to store all of my online recipes that have been successfully cooked and deemed delicious enough to make again.

When it comes to the new meal options, all the print-outs are kept in a Clipboard Folder. Once I make them, I decide if the recipe should be tossed or moved to the binder.

C-Line's Clipboard FolderThe folder is available in red, blue and black, which is sure to match any type of kitchen decor.

C-Line’s Clipboard Folder is a compact storage item that I have chosen to use for a few reasons.

  • Folder cover protects documents stored under the clip
  • The clip can store up to 75 letter-size pages
  • There is a designated storage area in the folder for a pen or pencil
  • The inside cover pocket is the perfect place to store additional notes and pages

These are all great qualities of the Clipboard Folder that make it a great storage place for new recipes. However, it has an additional feature that makes it extremely useful when cooking in the kitchen.

Since the folder is constructed of such durable material, I discovered that it could also be used as a way to prop up the recipe pages and display it while cooking. Essentially, the Clipboard Folder can be used as a stand, keeping the information visible when you are busy in the kitchen.

Whether you need to use the folder horizontally or vertically, the way to make it stand-up remains the same. Simply fold the outside front cover backwards, and prop up the clipboard. How far back the front cover needs to go will depend on what angle you would like the recipe displayed at.

This unique feature just makes it an even more desirable tool to use. However, the Clipboard Folder’s ability to store and protect all my new cooking documents is what makes it a perfect place to store new recipes.

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