Color Used to Sort Documents Within Hanging Folder

In the past, I primarily used file folders as a way to organize tasks I was working on. Since coming to work here at C-Line, my habits have drastically shifted. I have essentially ditched the traditional file folders for polypropylene project folders. To me, the benefits of these folders are undeniable.

If you are familiar with C-Line’s vast array of project folders, then you know there is something available for everyone’s organizational taste, from traditional clear folders to those with unique write-on tabs. Whatever your personal preference is, the uses for the project folders are endless. While I don’t have a favorite style, I do use each type for a specific purpose.

When it comes to organizing my filing cabinet, the assorted project folders are a must-have. I use the folders to subdivide each hanging file. It keeps paperwork sorted, while still being able to remain in their assigned category. Since the folders are letter size, they fit into any standard hanging folder.

The array of colors is necessary for organizational purposes. Each color has a specific meaning, making it easy for me to know progress on projects by simply looking through the filing cabinet.

C-Line's Project Folders, AssortedEach color makes it easy to identify information in a hanging folder.

Here is how I use the colored project folders to keep all my work folders in order:

  • Blue: “General Information” – Anything related to the project that I need to be aware of
  • Red: “Urgent” – Deadline approaching
  • Green: “Completed” – Tasks completed
  • Yellow: “Communication” – All email communication about project
  • Smoke: “Miscellaneous” – Paperwork or notes that need to be saved

The documents stored in the folder are well protected, since the folders are made of heavyweight polypropylene material. Even though the folders are colored, I am still able to view the contents since they are translucent.

Unlike paper file folders, these holders are sealed on two sides instead of just one. This provides additional security in case I have to travel with the documents or share the folder within my department.

This is just one used for the assorted folders. Have you used any of C-Line’s project folders in the past? Share with us your experience below.

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