Colored Edge Sheet Protectors Create Sections for Storing Menus

Although we try to cook at home majority of the week, there are times when I get bored (and lazy) of cooking dinner. Instead of always ordering from our go-to place, my husband and I recently started trying out different restaurants we had never gone to before.

Some restaurants are small, local places, while others would be considered more of a chain. We discovered that many of these places don’t have online menus, so every place we visited we made sure to take their menu home. Quickly, our menu drawer started to become a cluttered, unorganized disaster, so I came up with a better solution.

Using C-Line’s Two-Pocket Poly Portfolio with Prongs and our Colored Edge Sheet Protectors, I created a much more organized way to sort and store our growing menu file.

C-Line's Colored Edge Sheet ProtectorThe black, two-pocket folder that I used helps the colored edges stand out when they are in-use.

Here’s how I organized our Menu Folder:

  • Divide all the menus into categories.
  • Use the colored edge and reinforcing strip, located on the sheet protector, as a way to create sections within the folder. Assign one color to each category.
  • Create a “table of contents”, which will indicate what color belongs with what category.
  • Use the prongs in the portfolio to attach the sheet protectors. Since they are already prepunched, they will work great with the prongs.
  • Add the menus to the top loading sheet protectors. Depending on the size of the menu, multiple ones may fit in one holder. Otherwise, simply split them up among numerous sheet protectors with the same colored edging.

It didn’t take much effort to create this folder. I love that I can organize my menus as we collect them, and they are so much easier to reference now. The portfolio has two-pockets, which I use to store things like restaurants reviews or other general information.

The portfolio is not bulky compared to other storage items I considered. The benefit to this is that I can slide that folder in a kitchen drawer without taking up much space!

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