Convenient Presentation Book Useful in Many Situations

Generally speaking, the key to being organized is to use products to help keep everything in order. The easier the product is to use, the more likely you are to keep things in order. This is a novel concept C-Line keeps in mind when developing new items. Many of our items have some type of convenience factor to them.

The presentation book is one of those items that instantly demonstrated its value to us. The only assembly that is required is to place the document in the sheet protectors. Since the book is essentially pre-made, this product is the perfect professional and economical tool to utilize.

Beyond the convenience aspect of this product, it also has the ability to be used for such different purposes. Students, business professionals and even photographers have the ability to use this product in such different ways.

While sitting in a waiting room recently, I noticed a major opportunity for using the presentation book. The company displayed a worn “Clients’ Comments” book on the main table in the room. Customer reviews are a very important part of anyone’s business. Typically, if someone takes the time to write a review, it is worthwhile to display to other current or potential clients.

Unfortunately, this company was not using the C-Line 24-Pocket Presentation Book so it did not look as professional as it could have, but their general idea was great. Emails and thank you notes could all be inserted into the presentation book to demonstrate what customers are saying about the company.

C-Line's 24-Pocket Presentation BookIf the company had used the 24-Pocket Book, this is how it could have looked!

Using the presentation book would ensure that these documents remain protected, especially since each page is made of acid-free, archival quality. This type of material will eliminate damage and photocopy transfer from the client’s note onto the sheet protector.

Since the book has 24 sheet protectors, the business could store up to 48 letter-size documents within just one book. They did appear to get a lot throughout the year. If they ended up running out of space, they could certainly break up the customer remarks into years and store them based on when they were received.

To help readers identify what was stored within the book, the company could create a spine inserts that identified that the book contained customer reviews and also specify what year they were from. Since C-Line’s website has spine insert templates, it would take a matter of minutes to customize one to help label the book.

Personally, I thought the Presentation Book would have been way more beneficial for the company to use. It created a much more appealing storage option for such valuable letters and reviews.

Have you used this convenient product in the past? Share with us your experience below.


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