Create an Ideal Coaching Portfolio with the 8-Pocket Portfolio and Dry Erase Sheets

Taking up new projects is something I have always enjoyed doing. A few months ago, I decided to start coaching for a grammar school volleyball team. Having only played and never coached before, I was not aware of what to expect, but I was definitely excited about the opportunity.

Within a week of signing up to coach, I was provided with a packet of documents that included emergency contact information, registration and medical information, schedules, etc. Each coach was required to have all of this information on hand for every game and practice, so I needed to get it organized quickly.

With the C-Line sample room at my disposal, I searched for the right product that would work for this situation. Ideally, I wanted something light and compact that would make it easy to lug around. I also needed the product to be able to organize several different types of documents, so I could quickly locate information, like a parent’s telephone number, if I needed to.

The 8-Pocket Portfolio with Security Flap was the product that I finally selected. It was a new addition to C-Line this year, so I was excited to put it to use.

C-Line's 8-Pocket Portfolio with Security FlapThe dry erase sheet is on the left and the team schedule is stored in the first pocket on the right.

Initially, the professional appearance was what sold me on using this product. As I thought about it more, the eight pocket feature would be perfect for organizing all of my coaching documents. It would even allow me enough space to store our game line-up, team roster and schedule. All of the documents were printed on letter-size paper so they fit perfectly in each poly pocket.

The best part of my coaching portfolio is the dry erase component that I added to it.

If anyone has played a sport, you know it can help to visually see what the coach is talking about. Knowing that C-Line makes Peel & Stick Dry Erase Sheets, I thought it would be beneficial to put them to use.

I created a volleyball court diagram on the computer and was able to print it directly on the dry erase sheet using my inkjet printer. Once complete, I peeled off the backing of the letter-size sheet and attached it to the inside front cover of my 8-Pocket Portfolio. Now, I would be able to visually show my team what I was talking about.

The coaching portfolio that I assembled has worked great throughout the season. I have been able to add paperwork and reference other documents as necessary. My add-on dry erase feature has also come in handy during the games.

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