Customer Raves about Dry Erase Pockets at Summer Camp

School is back in session, which means it is time for kids to put their new school supplies to work. Beyond buying the traditional items for school, there may be some new items that can even help with study habits.

A C-Line customer sent us an image below of one of our most popular educational items being used at her child’s summer camp.

C-Line's Reusable Dry Erase PocketsThe camp saves their worksheets after the students use them since the Dry Erase Pockets provide protection.

The Reusable Dry Erase Pockets have become popular quickly with both parents and teachers seeing the value of utilizing this study tool in the classroom and at home. These pockets have the ability to store worksheets, and allow students to practice their skills directly on them.

Once complete, the student simply has to wipe the pocket clean and exchange the worksheet to practice another skill.

The customer who sent this found that her child preferred using the Dry Erase Pockets over regular worksheets. She said it made it fun to use dry erase markers and be more creative, while not worrying about making any mistakes.

She enjoyed them so much, that this women decided to purchase the product for home use.¬†She has the kids practice math and writing skills, while also allowing them to use blank coloring book templates to let them have some fun. This customer utilized C-Line’s template page to provide the kids with various worksheets to pick from.

Fortunately, the dry erase pockets come in an assortment of colors, making it a great study aid for both boys and girls. Choose from the neon or primary assortment, which also comes in two different sizes, 9 x 12 and 6 x 9.

Has your child used them in the past? Share with us how the Dry Erase Pockets were helpful to your student below.

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