De-stress During the Holiday with Coloring Folders

Holidays are always full of fun and laughter because you get to spend time with family, enjoy delicious food and receive cool gifts. However, there is always something on our mind that causes us to be extra stressed during this time of year. It’s okay, take a break and check out C-Line’s new product – UColor Two-Pocket Coloring Folders.

The coloring folders come in adult  and children patterns. Each pattern comes in six designs.  After spending time organizing and planning for the New Year, I would de-stress by coloring the outside of the folder. The paper portfolios have intricate designs that would keep things exciting. Plus, you can use any coloring utensils to color your folder to express your creativity. I personally am fond of using markers for a bolder look, but when I want to be more detailed I would use coloring pencils.

C-Line's UColor Two-Pocket Coloring Folders Two-Pocket Coloring Folders that I have colored to relieve stress.


The perfect part about these coloring folders is it is not only a stress reliever, but they also have a lot of functionality. It can hold your letter-size documents. In addition, the folder features a business card holder in the interior pockets. Who said you can’t have fun while you are doing some work? Check out the folders I have colored so far. What do you think about the Coloring Folder? Show us your creations on Facebook.

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