Display & Protect Documents During Shipment

It’s time to take a look at one of C-Line’s new items. The No-Hole Sheet Protector was added in January of 2012, and has proven its worth in a short amount of time.

Here at C-Line, the Marketing & Sales Department often ship samples or product literature to customers in order to provide more information on what we are currently offering. Whether they are current customers or prospective accounts, we usually include some type of letter explaining what products are included in the shipment.

C-Line's No-Hole Sheet ProtectorHere is what the shipment looks like when the recipient opens their package from C-Line.

In the past, I would use a Reusable Envelope or Zip N’ Go to store and protect documents while they are on route to their destination. However, some packages were smaller and only required a simple letter to address the customer.

In cases like these, we would use a normal envelope and simply include it in the shipment. However, with C-Line’s recent addition, I have been able to display communication between sales and the customer more easily.

Once the samples have been carefully packed in the box, I have placed the follow-up letters, literature sheets and any other information into the No-Hole Sheet Protector. This ensures that once the package is open, the recipient will instantly know who the package is from and why they are receiving it.

Since the holder is made out of heavyweight material, it provides the necessary protection that a document would need during shipment. Like most of C-Line’s sheet protectors, the polypropylene material is acid-free and archival quality, ensuring there is no photocopy transfer.

The biggest difference compared to other sheet protectors is that the holder lacks the three-hole punched binding strips. Although this wouldn’t be ideal if you were looking to store it in a three-ring binder, but for the sole purpose of document storage, the No-Hole Sheet Protector works great.

Since it is clear on both sides, there is also the potential to display two different letter size documents, one on each side.

To me, the No-Hole Sheet Protector provides a professional way to display documents. Whether you are displaying product information during a sample shipment to a customer or posting signs in the office, this new C-Line product can be very useful.

What would you use the No-Hole Sheet Protector for? Share with us below!

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