Divide It, Color-Code It, and Now, Tab It!

If you love the functionality of project folders as much as I do, then you will absolutely love the tabbed project folder!

tabbed project folder

Tabbed project folders allow you to color-code, divide and, now, tab your project papers.

Yes, this unique product features all the greatest things you love about a poly project folder:

  • Sealed on two sides for easy easy loading and access of inner documents
  • Specially designed corner that allows the folder to hold up to 100 pages
  • Assorted colors (red, yellow, green, blue and smoke) for color-coding projects and tasks
  • Acid-free, archival quality document storage that means no photocopy transfer for your hard work

All of that, plus, they also have 1/5 cut clear plastic index tabs. This allows you to quickly find the information you are looking for in your papers. Use these project folders in place of traditional paper file folders for a durable, tear-resistant way to organize your tasks and file drawers.

And for the final piece of the easy-to-be-organized puzzle, the project folders come with customizable inserts that can be used with inkjet and laser printers.

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