Document Case Helpful for Storing Large, Growing Files

Like many industries, the beginning of the year is a particularly busy time for us at C-Line. We often have large projects that we are starting to work on for the New Year. Some of these projects are ongoing throughout the year and will typically involve an extensive amount of paperwork.

In the past, I have started the year by dedicating one Write-on Project Folders to each project that I am working on. After a while, I have found that the folder will inevitably become too full, even though it has an expanding gusset.

Splitting the documents up between two project folders is definitely an option, but I prefer to keep everything together. For this upcoming year, I plan on utilizing document cases to store all of my large projects. Since the extra-large, polypropylene cases can store up to 500 pages, it will be the perfect location for my growing files.

C-Line's Extra Large Document CaseI set-up a few document cases on the book tray to show how I envision storing these large files.

The primary reason why I chose a document case over one of C-Line’s expanding files is that I don’t necessary know if I will need as many pockets as the expanding file provides. Instead, the case provides one large pocket, so I can divide paperwork however I want by using project folders.

The Poly Document Case comes in an assortment of five different colors. I used the colors to my benefit, and was able to assign a different color to each project I will be working on. This made it easy to identify where paperwork should go when I was filing items.

Each case was also able to store a separate notepad that I used for that specific project. Instead of taking notes on random notebooks or word documents, I place all meeting notes on one notepad to ensure that I could quickly refer back to the notes.

The benefit of storing the notepad, along with other paperwork, within the document case was that it made it easy to track all the information. When it came time for a meeting, I would simply grab whatever document case I needed, and I knew that I was prepared, since the case had all necessary files and notes stored inside. This definitely would be a time saver going forward.

Since the letter-size cases are too large to fit in a standard wire rack, I used C-Line’s Book Tray as a way to keep them accessible and organized on my desktop. The book tray has adjustable supports to keep the document case upright, so I will be able to adjust as the amount of paperwork increases throughout the year.

I am hoping using the document cases this upcoming year will be very beneficial. Would this system help you out in the office? If so, share with us your thoughts on this item.

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