Don’t Fret about Cooking Those Christmas Recipes Yet

Are you stressed about baking for the Christmas party? Although I do not have the magic powers to make sugar cookies appear, I do have a trick that a co-worker shared with me that I would like to share with you to make your cooking life slightly easier. C-Line’s Mini Size 3-Ring Binder Kit are perfect for storing your Christmas recipes or any recipe.

My co-worker said it was so easy to find recipes because everything is stored in a binder. Plus, she paired it with C-Line’s Mini Sheet Protectors. They are made from durable, heavyweight polypropylene, which is great to be used in the kitchen because you would not need to worry about water splatter or flour flying everywhere. If it gets damp or dusty, simply use a clean cloth to wipe it clean and continue with your cooking.

C-Line's 3-Ring Binder Organizer Starter Kit The all-in-one Mini Size Binder Kit that is being used to protect recipes, keep grocery lists, store coupons and etc.

Here is how my co-worker used her mini recipe binder:
Three Ring Binder: It keeps all her recipes in one place. In addition, the size is small enough to not take much space in the kitchen and store in a drawer. Use the pockets, paper, and tab dividers inside the binder to sort and organize different recipes.

Mini Sheet Protector: She inserted recipes that are heavily referenced to in the sheet protector, so they won’t get damaged or get hand smudge marks. It protects the recipe and gives it a longer life span. This is important especially when it is a family recipe.

5-tab Dividers with Pockets: She used the tab dividers to sort recipes by cuisine. Each label is clearly labeled for easy navigation.

Binder Pocket: All miscellaneous items were stored in there, such as coupons and recipes from magazines. The gusset expands as more items are stored inside and the hook and loop closure keep her things secure.

Filler Paper: It is mostly used for writing down grocery lists or writing down recipes she saw on TV.

C-Line's 3-Ring Binder Organizer Starter Kit The 3-ring Binder Kit small enough to fit into a drawer or cabinet in the kitchen.

Create your own recipe book by using the all-in-one Mini Binder Kit, and get cooking before you start worrying about cooking for the Christmas party!

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