Dress Store Uses Shop Ticket Holders for Customer Files

Typically, our shop ticket holders are used in industrial environments. Since the pockets are made out of heavyweight vinyl, they are able to withstand rough circumstances, while still protecting the documents that are stored inside.

Like many companies, we use our job ticket holders out in the factory to store things like machine instructions, department notices and much more. Being so familiar with this type of use for the product, I was very intrigued when I saw the holders being used at a dress and alterations store.

A couple of months ago I had ordered a dress from a store, knowing that I would also be needing alterations. When I went to get fitted after the dress came in, the sales associate came out with my dress and on the hanger sat a Neon Pink Shop Ticket Holder.

C-Line's Neon Shop Ticket Holder, PinkThe letter-size alteration sheet fits perfectly in the shop ticket holder as it hangs on the dress hanger.

Of course I noticed it right away and began asking questions about how they use our product. The sales person told me that when dresses come in to the store, the shop ticket holders are immediately attached to the hanger and the invoice is inserted into the pocket.

As the dress moves through the alteration process, the seamstresses include various notes and documents in the pocket. For dresses that are being made at the store, the sales staff likes to include images that the customer has provided. To put it simply, basically any document that has to do with the dress is stored in this vinyl pockets.

My sales associate said that they have tried various systems, but the neon holder provides the easiest method to storing documents. The paperwork is preserved by the durable vinyl material and the eyelet allows the holder to be stored on the hanger. Since the documents literally stay with the dress, it eliminates the risk of losing anything important, while saving time on searching for customer files.

Although a clothing store would not have been the first place I would have thought would use a shop ticket holder, their use of the product makes total sense. Not only does it provide the necessary document protection, but it also keeps all the information together and accessible.

Even though we have a variety of colors available to customers, I do think using the Neon Pink color at a woman’s clothing store added a cute touch!

What do you think about this use of the Shop Ticket Holders? Have you seen them used differently in the past? Share with us your experience below.

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