Dry Erase Kits Serve Many Purposes in Classroom Setting

C-Line’s innovative Reusable Dry Erase Pockets have become an essential study tool used by students at home and in the classroom. Teachers and parents continue to see how beneficial this product can be.

Due to the positive response C-Line has received about this product line, a Dry Erase Pocket Study Aid Kit was created to provide a complete learning pack for students. The kit was developed to help with skill practice, while adding a little fun to studying with the dry erase quality of the pockets.

C-Line's Dry Erase Pocket Study Aid KitEach kit comes with a red and blue, 9 x 12 dry erase pocket that is made of heavyweight material.

There are many ways that teachers can utilize the study kits in their classrooms. Below are a few examples of how the reusable dry erase kits have been used in the classroom.

  1. Coloring Stations: Many younger students have free time allocated throughout the school day. Setting up a coloring station allows the students to be creative and explore their artistic side. The study kit comes with a coloring template, but other pages can be printed and set out for students to choose from. Using the coloring sheets in the pocket allow for the pages to be reused by other students. The crayons included in the kit are dry erase pocket friendly and come in four different colors; red, blue, green and black.
  2. Math Mad Minute Practice: Many teachers will test math skills by giving kids several problems to solve within a short amount of time. It is often helpful to practice these timed tests before giving ones that count for a grade. The pockets allow students to quickly erase any mistakes they make. Teachers can use the math practice templates that come with the kit, as well as their own. Once the test is over, the template pages can be collected and reused in the future.
  3. Spelling Pre-Test:  They say practice makes perfect! Weekly spelling tests are a typical part of students’ curriculum, especially in elementary and middle school. Many teachers try to do practice tests to help the kids identify what words they need to practice. The kit comes with a blank handwriting sheet that is perfect for this exercise. Once the teacher gives them a word, students can spell out their vocabulary word and hold up the pocket once they are complete. The insert can be reused on a weekly basis, saving on paper waste.

These were just a few ways that teachers can incorporate the study kits into their classrooms. Parents also have the opportunity to use other templates to help their child practice what there are learning when they are at home.

The heavyweight pockets offer durable protection of the templates stored inside, while also providing a dry erase surface that can be reused over and over again. Two pockets come with each kit, in addition to ten educational focused templates. If more templates are needed, simply visit the C-Line website to replenish any of the pages.

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