Dry Erase Pocket Product Line Continues to Grow

Last year, we introduced a line of reusable dry erase pocket products. The response from customers was loud, so we added three new dry erase items to the offering.

New Color Assortment

reusable dry erase pockets in new sizes and colors

The reusable dry erase pocket product line just got a little larger, with the addition of a new size and new color assortment.

Primary colors are now an available color option. The primary color assortment includes red, orange, yellow, green and blue holders.

The new primary colors still allow for children to learn how to organize by color. They can separate different subjects into color groups. For instance, if math is assigned “blue”, then all math related worksheets should be used only with the blue holder. It can also be an additional teaching tool within the daily lesson plan.

New Half-Sheet Size

A smaller 6 x 9 half-sheet size is easier to use by younger children. When we introduced the larger 9 x 12 size, we heard how great they were, but also that they were a little too large for smaller children. The smaller size comes primary and neon color assortments.

There are also printer templates available for the smaller size. And, as a real bonus for those wanting to conserve paper, the 6 x 9 templates are designed to print two on a page. Just download the template you want, print, and cut in half for use in the small dry erase pocket.

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