Dry Erase Pockets Serve as Classroom Scheduler

As the end of July nears, it is only a matter of time before the back-to-school shopping and preparation begins. A friend, who is going into her second year of teaching, has already started planning for the upcoming school year.

Naturally an organized person, my friend tested out several different ways to keep her classroom in order. Over the course of the year, she developed a unique way to display the students’ schedule for the week.

C-Line's Reusable Dry Erase PocketsThe primary color assortment makes the dry erase pockets stand out. Take a look at how my friend set-up her reusable pockets in her classroom.

Typically, C-Line’s Dry Erase Pockets are ideal for students to use as a study tool. Not only can the pocket be reused, but it eliminates paper waste by allowing one worksheet to be used over and over. My friend was familiar with the dry erase pockets since she used them in her classroom on a regular basis.

In order to take the study tool and make it a classroom scheduler, my friend used one of each primary color pocket so they would have a different color for each day of the school week.  She created an insert for the front of the pocket, which had the day of the week on the top.

At the beginning of each week, she takes a dry erase marker and writes the lesson plans directly on the dry erase pockets. She would include homework assignments and upcoming quizzes or tests to allow students to plan ahead for what the week had in store for them. At the end of the week, the pockets would be wiped off with a soft tissue, and they would be ready for next week.

Not only were the pockets used as a scheduler, but my friend decided to store extra homework assignments and hand-outs directly in the pockets so that students had access to them. Whether a student was out sick or they needed an extra worksheet, they would always be held directly in the pocket of the day they were due.

She found that this method proved successful for a number of reasons. Students no longer had the complaint that they didn’t know when an assignment was due because it would be visible at the beginning of the week. In addition, students could get additional copies and have access to the assignments as necessary without having to ask their teacher.

Although there are two different size pockets available, my friend opted for the larger, 9 x 12 size. Her primary reason was that it allowed her to write larger, making the information more visible. The larger size also is able to easily fit letter size documents, which is typically what assignments are printed on.

My friend used this method the second half of the year, and it proved to be very beneficial. As she begins to get ready for a new school year, this is an organizational strategy that she will definitely be keeping up.

Have you used the dry erase pockets before? Share with us your experience below.

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