Biodegradable and recycled office supplies from C-Line

Environmentally Friendly Office SuppliesC-Line makes it easier to protect
the environment with their line of biodegradable and recycled products.

Amid the world’s growing concern for our planet’s preservation, C-Line has begun to develop office products that can be a benefit to the environment.

For many years the company has included recycled sheet protectors and recycled project folders in their product line, made from at least 70% pre-consumer recycled content.

Last year, C-Line became the first manufacturer to introduce biodegradable sheet protectors and biodegradable project folders to the industry. You may thinking, what exactly makes a plastic holder biodegradable? Well, biodegradable products must be “capable of decomposing under natural conditions”, according to the EPA. The products are made from polypropylene which contains an additional additive that allows it to biodegrade when tested according to the ASTM D5511. ASTM testing indicates this product will biodegrade in two to five years when buried in an anaerobic landfill. Because of the wide variation in landfill systems, actual timing may vary.

The company has just introduced a name badge holder that is biodegradable, recyclable and compostable to complement the other C-Line biodegradable and recycled office products in the product offering. And as an added benefit, the biodegradable name badge holder does not require pins, string or lanyards. The top portion is notched in a special way, that allows the holder to slip over any shirt button and hang from there. 

Happy Earth Day!

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