Economize Your Office

The state of the economy today is not pretty and not one we wished for, but we do have to deal with it. As businesses and organizations are beginning to cut back, they are also looking for bargain on items they are currently using.

Clip Name Badge HolderDo you need name badge holders for the upcoming shareholder’s meeting, member convention or annual Board of Directors conference?  Instead of purchasing the badges in boxes of 50, which they typically are packaged in, think about purchasing the clip name badge holder in the 96 count box.  When you compare the prices,  the purchase of larger count box saves you over 8%.

Having your office walls work for you while on a budget is not a problem when you buy full boxes Cubicle Keepers and Magnetic Cubicle Keepers.  Buying this product by the box will save you half.

Or, go the most economical route for your sheet protectors and buy the 200 count box of economy weight sheet protectors.  With a list price of $31.41 per box, you are saving 34% off the cost of buying two 100-count boxes! Think about everything you use sheet protectors for – now that is a huge savings!

Have a tip for saving money with still being able to use the office products you love, post it in the comments section. Remember, every little bit helps!

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