Event Planning Portfolio is Instant Time Saver

Recently, I was part of a planning team at work for a large event that we, as a company, annually attend. Up front, the event itself didn’t seem so complicated. I was aware of our deadlines and knew what needed to get done. As the event neared, things got hectic and I found myself shuffling through pages daily looking for information.

I decided that taking a few minutes out of my day to better organize the event information would eliminate my frustration of not being able to find various documents. In the past, I have used many of our project folders to store event or trade show paperwork. This particular event was too large and it called for a bigger storage option.

C-Line's Zip 'N Go Expanding Portfolio with Outer PocketHere is a folder I used to track the event schedule. The pocket let me know what stage we were at all times.

Fortunately, C-Line came out with the ideal event planning portfolio just this year! The Zip ‘N Go Expanding Portfolio with an Outer Pocket was exactly what I needed to get myself prepared for the upcoming event.

Since the polypropylene holder has an expanding gusset, it can store up to 200 letter-size pages, so I have plenty of space for the numerous documents I have to keep. Since the portfolio has a zipper closure, I am able to easily bring the file to meetings and even travel with me to the show without worrying the documents will slide out and get lost or damaged.

C-Line has several Zip ‘N Go options varying from size to color, but the reason I chose this item was because of the unique oversized front pocket. Since the entire portfolio, including the pocket was a translucent material, documents could be viewed without removing them from the file. I quickly used this to my advantage to eliminate going through all the paperwork to locate one piece of information.

I created a document that had the “Must Know” details of the event. Included in the document was information like deadlines, coordinators’ contact information, shipping address and show itinerary. The pocket allowed me to have a quick list of facts that was referenced by simply glancing at the file. An additional paperwork that I needed access to often, I stored behind my fact sheet.

Taking time out to organize myself definitely ended up saving time in the long run. While no one expected me to know every little detail of the show, it was beneficial to have a quick reference system set-up so I was not scrambling for information anymore.

Have you had a chance to use one of C-Line Zip ‘N Go portfolios? Which one is your favorite? Share with us below!

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