Expanding Files and Project Folders lead the way in employee popularity

Welcome to the newest series of blogs – My Favorite Product. Every month, you’ll find out the favorite products from the people who know them best, the C-Line employees. I know I’ve told you all about my favorite C-Line travel product, the newest “it” office accessory, or how sheet protectors with hook and loop flaps are your best friend at meetings. But ever wonder what other people use their products for? Well, wonder no more….

The first person up is Judi Krumwiede, Vice President of Employee and Customer Relations. Unfortunately, she could not pick just one product, so she divided her two favorite items into categories – at the office and at home.

C-Line At The Office

Colored Project Folders
Assorted Colored Project Folders are versatile for every office. Use them to store projects, organize documents, or protect your frequently used papers.

For Judi’s everyday office organization, she likes all of the report covers and project folders, but it is the box of assorted colored projects folders that she favors above all other products. In her opinion, she likes all the colors, but smoke is her favorite for its “professional look and easy-to-read-through quality”. What’s sitting in her top desk drawer? Not extra pens, not a pad of sticky notes, but dozens of project folders. This way, “they are always within reach when I need them”.

C-Line At Home

13-Pocket Pink Expanding File
The 13-Pocket Expanding File expands up to 9 inches wide to hold your important letters and documents. Adhesive labels, which are included, make customization a snap.

While at home, storage and organization are what’s important to Judi. So her favorite household item is the C-Line 13-pocket expanding file, in either purple or pink. She keeps her important household paperwork, such as bills, statements, travel documents, etc. filed in it. She thinks the product is so excellent because of its storage capacity, “each pocket expands wide, so that you can put a lot of stuff in it”. And because the expanding file features 13 pockets, your organizational options are open to meet your needs, from monthly to categorically. It is up to you. “I just love it!”, she declares when talking about this product.

Agree with Judi’s choices or have a different favorite C-Line product? Tell me about it below.

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