Expiring identification badges lead the way in visitor security

C-Line makes all types of plastic badge holders and self-adhesive name tags, but did you know we also carry a line of identification badges to help keep track of visitor – the Time’s Up!® Visitor Security Badges.

These visitor badges are designed to produce a highly visible color indicator to signify badge expiration and help you better keep track of guests and visitors within your facility.

Time’s Up! One-Day Self-Expiring Badge

time's up one day expiring badge 97005

To control who comes into your facility and when, the One-Day Self-Expiring Badges reveal a red “VOID” image 24 hours after activation.  Simply write guest information on the badge, as you would with any other name tag and adhere the two badge parts together to start the expiration process.

Time’s Up! One-Day Self-Expiring Spot Badge

time's up one day expiring badge 97004
For the cost-conscious user, the One-Day Spot Badge provides a similar expiration function to the One-Day Expiring Badge, but on a smaller scale. Instead of the entire badge revealing the “VOID” notice, the area in the upper right-hand corner of the badge displays a red “VOID” image upon expiration.

As with the other One-Day Badge, the One-Day Spot Badge requires activation by adhering a small “V” activation circle over the red “VOID” area in the upper right-hand corner.

Time’s Up! Light Sensitive Badge

time's up light sensitive badge 97014
In organizations, institutions and businesses where visitors remain indoors during their visit, the Light Sensitive option works perfectly. The badge is white while indoors. Once exposed to sunlight, the white paper turns a dark shade of blue. After they have left the building, visitors will not be able to return unnoticed.

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