Extension Cord with Cover is Valuable Trade Show Tool

After attending a trade show last month, I gained a new appreciation for one of C-Line’s products.

The Lay-Flat Power Extension and Cord Cover is a unique industrial product, which was first introduced to the line earlier this year. Originally, our plan was to display this product on a table at the show, but it ended up being a valuable tool while setting up.

When it comes to trade show planning, it seems like you can plan the lay-out of your booth, but nothing is guaranteed. There are many variables that we will not know until we are at the convention center. For example, the location of the electrical outlet within the booth is always unpredictable and can sometimes cause problems, which was the case with this show.

The awkward location of the electrical outlet made it difficult to hide the extension cord. If we kept the same layout of the booth as we had originally planned, then we would have a large red extension cord running across the middle of the floor. Not only was the cord an eye sore, but it could potentially be a tripping hazard.

C-Line's Lay-Flat Power Extension and Cord CoverThe cord extends across the booth without causing a tripping hazard due to the PVC cover over the cord.

Before we reorganized the layout to help hide the cord, one of my coworkers tried to put our Lay-Flat Power Extension and Cord Cover to use in place of the other extension cord.  Although we had originally planned on displaying the cord, we did not anticipate demonstrating how to use it.

Here is why this unique extension cord was able to solve our trade show challenges:

  • The cord cover eliminates the tripping hazard.
  • Flexible, PVC material will be able to withstand high traffic during the show.
  • The cord extends to 10 feet, giving us more flexibility on the booth layout.
  • Two items can be plugged into the outlet box at one time.

The best part about being able to actually use this product is that customers and other trade show attendees could see the benefits first hand. Although we had not expected using this product, it was an extremely valuable tool for us to use at the expo.

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