Family Reunions Made Easy With Name Badges

About five years ago, a friend of mine attended her family’s first ever reunion. Since she has such a large family, she naturally assumed that there would be several people that she would not know. The reunion extended over an entire weekend, so she was sure to have plenty of time to spend getting reacquainted with relatives.

My friend, however, was not expecting her family to have significantly grown in size and changed in appearance as much as they had. She found herself playing the “Who’s who?” game the entire weekend. By the time she had everyone’s names down, the reunion was over!

Now, years later, she is attempting to organize another reunion. Remembering how difficult she found it to keep everyone straight, she decided to use C-Line Products Name Badge Holders in order to make life a little easier for all of her relatives, young and old.

Her plan is to have the badges in use all weekend to help avoid any awkward name blunders. I think we can all agree that there is nothing worse than forgetting someone’s name who remembers yours!

My friend still has not decided which type of name badge holder to purchase. C-Line has several different options to choose from that come in handy for various situations.

Clip/Pin Combo Style Badge

Check out my name badge! The C-Line templates, located on the website, makes it easy to format badges.

The Magnetic Style Name Badge and the Hanging Style Name Badge allows you to avoid attaching the badges to your clothing. This may be ideal for a more formal occasion, when people typically tend to wear nicer clothing.

For a more secure placement, the Pin Style Name Badge or the Clip/Pin Combo would work, especially if guests plan on being active throughout the reunion.

Additionally, there is the traditional Clip Style Badge. Since the badge swivels on the clip, there is versatility with this product. In addition, it could easily be clipped to the likes of a stroller in order to identify younger members of the family!

Since the badges are plastic, they will withstand the test of time over the course of the family reunion weekend.

My friend plans to utilize templates that are directly on the C-Line website in order to personalize the name badges. She has even decided to color code them based on the guests’ immediate family! Talk about organized…

As summer winds down and Labor Day quickly approaches, it gives you a great excuse to throw a big end of summer BBQ and utilize the name badges for all your guests.

Thinking of trying them out? Already used the badges in a similar way? Comment below and let us know!

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