File Sorter – The New Teacher’s Pet

The all-purpose sorter has long been used in offices where filing papers, invoices, and records is key. Just this week, I discovered that this file organizer is also beloved by teachers, so I wanted to share the tip with you.

Instead of taking a few minutes to sort each assignment, take just minutes to sort papers from the entire class. This makes it easier to record the grades and re-distribute the lessons or tests back to your students.

all-purpose sorter

No longer just for offices, the all-purpose sorter will have a teacher’s papers and homework assignments organized and ready to grade in minutes.

If you are a teacher of young children, incorporate the sorter into the lesson. For instance, if students are working on a quiz or assignment to be turned it that day, have them file their own paper. Rather than simply depositing it on your desk, the student can place the paper under the appropriate sorter leaf when finished. This will help them begin to think about organization and practice their alphabet.

Beyond being able to sort alphabetically, the sorter also allows for dividing and arranging by month, day of the week, days in the month and numerically.

Are you a teacher with a certain method for organizing student papers? Tell me about it in the Comments section below.

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  1. best of office weekend roundup 38 Says:

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  2. Michele Rooney Says:

    So where do I find this product?

  3. lindsay Says:

    Hi Michele,

    You can locate this product in your area by using our Dealer Locator – Or you can get this product here on our website –

    Thank you!

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